My Personal Key to Success For Life's Challenges - Always Be in The Moment


I had just gotten home from running some errands recently on a fairly hot Oregon day. While in the various stores shopping for needed items, I had noticed my pants kept sliding down and it was becoming a bother. After a time of recent successful weight loss,  I needed to do something about this. It was a new problem for me and was getting quite uncomfortable. I had decided, some days earlier, that I must take my belts to the shoe repair in the neighborhood and have him shorten them. Imagine that? Here is a life long " fat guy " getting his belts shortened. Nice problem to have. I think some new pants were in order.....again; this was the third time in the last year and it was starting to get expensive. I went to the scale to check, not always believing the reading. There it was 205 lbs. This from 460 lbs. some 17 years previous. I am not sure that I will ever get used to that number on the scale, but that is a good problem to have.

I have always been an observer of people around me. It surely seemed that folks were always looking and responding to me differently.....the " new me " and I was not imagining it. Live a life of a fat guy and endure, " Hey Pardner, you sure like your groceries. Don't cha? "  wisecracks enough times, all the while showing only a slight smile, and you become very tuned in to people. Many years ago, I was introduced to the practice of meditation. That person wanted me to join a class to learn it properly. Not comfortable in a classroom gathering or setting, I embarked on my own journey to get it right, all by myself. I read several books on the subject, most too detailed and boring to help me. It took me 4 months, but I was finally able to be successful, at least in my mind. The hardest was to clear my mind of " mind speak " and any thought at all for the period of 3 minutes; then for 5 minutes, and finally I was able to do it for prolonged periods of time. I highly recommend this practice for the successful relief of stress of one's job, school demands or relationship  challenges. The one benefit for me was that it made sure no matter what anyone said, I could handle it with a positive attitude and the feeling that all was on the right track, no matter what.

I adopted the practice of silently repeating affirmations about my weight. I became automatic about this and have been continuing to do this so for more than 20 years. I don't know if they were the reason for my eventual success, but they sure helped me to concentrate solely on being in the moment. One always hears a talk or gathers information at a seminar or reads a book, an article, or some other sources that tout the answer to handling life is to be constantly " in the moment ". The practice of putting it in action so it can benefit one every day is the challenge and the key. I have been fortunate to have this happen. It took quite a while, but it has came to fore for me. I want it to happen for everyone. Now I am not writing this to be part of a campaign to teach or change people, but if I can offer my success, perhaps the ball will keep rolling for someone else.

I want to mention something that I have observed lately. We are in the middle of the technology boom. Everyone has constant access to information. The Smartphone has become so important that people can not function if it is not in their possession at all times. If they have no alternative, such a computer or laptop for reference, they are all but lost. Scenario : A young person has graduated from college where they excelled and were  recognized for their skills and abilities, whatever those might be. They have been hired by the HR person of a large and progressive corporation and are now being introduced to the CEO and the COO of the company. Here is where they want to find out what kind of person they have just hired. Are  they well rounded? The job requires some expertise at social skills so a " casual test " will be part of the interview by these top people. The newly hired is excited and positive and ready to impress the bosses. In the course of this interview all is suddenly going wrong. He or she is being asked questions that would normally be quickly referenced on their phones. of course, they were asked to leave them in their car or not on their person. Frantic feelings of inadequacy suddenly overcome our aspirant, almost to the point of terror. What happens next is one of two things. The interview is terminated and the job is rescinded or they take pity on the person and subtlety let them know they need to "  go back to the school of life ". Every feeling of elation is squashed in either situation. If still hired, they will constantly be on their guard not knowing if they will be let go after the initial 3 months probationary period.

How is this situation to be handled by the person glued to their tech handbook- the Smartphone? No easy solution here. Being in the moment will solve it, but that practice has to start quite early. Many times, because of this Smartphone, people will be moving from one subject to another in a matter of a few minutes.......or LESS! Many call the young generation the ones that are afflicted with the attention span of a fly. That is a very sad statement. Being in the moment early on will help tremendously and the Smartphone will be a great help, just as it is and should be.

In many other countries there is much more attention given to education and the need to excel. In Japan, where they are very strict about attendance, the younger students must attend classes 6 days a week. They are required to do 3 hours or so of homework nightly. I feel our colleges are top notch, but it is Kindergarten thru 12 Th grade where the problem lies. The issues are many, in all the states, and no one fix can be considered the solution. Teacher tenure, budget constraints, inadequate facilities are just a few to mention. When children are taught good learning habits and have a supportive system at an early age, they will automatically learn that being in the moment is the only way to make life an easier task on a daily basis.

In many countries, especially in Europe, a student has to pass teats and make decisions at about age 14 to whether they will continue on in an academic environment or move on to a trade school of some type. This, to me, makes so much sense. Who can say that everyone is well suited for finishing high school and then going on to college. Going in the direction of a trade school would surely put students in the moment constantly to learn and perform their learned tasks properly. After all, this is what they will do to make a living for the rest of their lives. In the USA we bounce from one job ot career 7 times in our lives. I like the former approach.

However, I doubt that the education climate will change in the USA any time soon.

 One just has to find a way their own way to be in the moment so they can face life's challenges to be successful. That is the task at hand.


Henry David Thoreau

In closing : These are my opinions. They do not belong to anyone else.

I want to share something with my readers. I do have a daily goal. When I arise. I must do a kind act for a fellow human being and not expect any reward or recognition; I must learn something that is completely new to me; and lastly, I must genuinely laugh or smile.



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